Fitness Tips: December 17, 2018

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Steps to a Healthier Attitude

Want a healthier lifestyle? Start by changing your thinking.

The first step in changing your attitude, experts say, is to recognize that you need to exercise both your body and your mind. "It's believing that you can do it, and starting with the right attitude that you can accomplish your weight loss goals, and having the power and the stamina to do it," he says.

But what if you simply can't muster up such a can-do attitude? Give yourself the pep talks, get support – and just start adopting those healthier habits anyway.

"Habits make up eating styles, and eating styles define how and what one eats," Moores says. "They are directly linked with psychology, emotion, and mental outlook."

When Doubt Sinks In
Believing you can do it means you can. Having doubts, however, makes failure loom larger. But when you're just starting out, how do you get the attitude you need to succeed? Wicks, Moores, and Wansink offer some suggestions:

  1. Have a good support system. "It's easy for your attitude to get lost, especially if you have someone who is walking into the living room every night with a bowl of ice cream," says Wicks. "It so important to have a support system that believes in you and wants to help – friends, family, and the person you're with.

  2. Look in the mirror – and like what you see. "One of the big things that helped me was when I went into the bathroom every morning, I would look in the mirror and give myself pep talks, whether they were in my head or out loud," says Wicks. "I would tell myself, 'Hi, beautiful!' It sounds silly, but it really helped make me feel better and give my attitude a jump-start in the morning to get my day started right."

  3. Keep up with your journal. You already know that keeping track of your food intake and physical activity can help set you on the road to healthier habits. But you can also use your journal to help you adopt a healthier attitude. Use the "Notes" section of your journal to keep track of the ups and downs of how you're feeling.

  4. Learn from others. "Find others who have been successful," says Moores. "Talk with them about the pitfalls and how they mustered the willpower to carry on."

  5. Never, never give up. "Adopting a whole new attitude is not something that goes away," says Wicks. You always have to keep your attitude and your braveness."