Fitness Tips: October 1, 2013

We're glad you are not just sitting around but finding time to come in and move. It may be lifesaving....

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Are You Sitting Down Right Now?
You might want to stand up. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, sitting for long periods increases your risk of early death (now would definitely be the time to stand up).

In the study, researchers followed 222,497 Australian adults for several years. Over the course of the study, participants who sat for more than 11 hours a day had the highest risk for mortality, followed by those who sat between 8 and 11 hours daily. Those who sat for less than four hours a day had the lowest risk. Reduce the amount of time you spend sitting however and whenever possible. Try these tips to up your daily activity:

Walk more. One of the simplest ways to offset the effects of sitting is to walk. If you can, walk or bike to work instead of driving.

Stand up at work. Experts estimate that standing burns 50 percent more calories than sitting, so whenever possible, think on your feet. Stand during meetings, while you're on the phone, and depending on the type of work you do, consider adding a standing desk to your office.

Fidget while you work. According to researchers at the Minnesota Obesity Center, fidgeting might be what separates thin people from overweight people. To increase your daily activity, make a point to get up and walk around your office every half an hour, if possible.

Make TV time active. Instead of vegging out on the couch when you get home, add activity to your evenings by doing jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, and other fat-blasting moves during the commercial breaks of your favorite shows.