Fitness Tips: September 26, 2016

If you feel healthy, happy, and energized, everyone in your life will reap the benefits.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: A Nibble Here, A Bite There

Snacking may seem harmless, but it can pad your waistline with a surprising number of sneaky alories. While dining out, you proudly resist the breadbasket, order the grilled chicken, and opt for fruit salad instead of cake for dessert ... but then steal a bite of your friend's dessert, just for a taste. Sound familiar? Turns out, those teeny nibbles can really add up.

Of the 200 or so eating decisions we make every day, many fall into the "mindless margin," or that 100-ish calorie area where you could over- or under-eat without impacting whether you feel full or hungry, says Brian Wansink, Ph.D, author of Mindless Eating.

Disarm your cravings with the 5 Ds:

  • Delay – When you feel hungry, delay at least 10 minutes before you eat so that your action is conscious, not impulsive
  • Distract – Distract yourself by engaging in an activity that requires concentration
  • Distance – Distance yourself from the food
  • Determine – Think about how much you really want the craved food
  • Decide – Decide what amount is reasonable and appropriate, eat it slowly and enjoy every bite