Fitness Tips: September 11, 2017

Your only limit is you.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: What Top Trainers Say You Should Do If You Only Have 30 Minutes In The Gym

The pro: Greg James, coach at Tone House
Workout style: Boxing, martial arts, and strength training
Best tip: "In my opinion, the biggest factor that makes people miss out on a gym workout, aside from using social media and apps, is walking into the gym without a plan. Having a structure and clear plan will allow for the best workout."

The workout: If you only have 30 minutes, James says interval training should be your go-to, and there are a few different ways to do it. His favorite is Tabata, in which you do 20 seconds of an exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for eight rounds. Or you could try circuit training, which involves doing one-minute intervals of an exercise, with 15 seconds of rest, for four to five rounds, depending on the exercises. And then there's something called a rest pause set, in which you do as many reps as you possibly can of an exercise, and then rest for 30 seconds. "With these different time variants, I can focus on total-body movements to optimize my time," James says.
The pro: Jess King, NASM-certified personal trainer and Peleton cycling instructor
Workout style: Indoor cycling, strength training, and dance cardio
Best tip: "If you have to change into workout clothes, that takes time. If you have to fill up your water bottle, that takes time. Learn how to adapt quickly to the situation. Wear play clothes all the time and let your body be your favorite piece of equipment."

The workout: Begin with a five-minute dance warm-up of your choice. Then do some jumping lunges, alternating each side 10 times for three rounds. Next up, do 10 burpees for three rounds to work your whole body.

If you can do pull ups, King suggests "busting out" 10 pull ups, then eight, then six. Hit the floor to work your core, and do planks and side planks for 30 seconds each, two times through, for three minutes total.

At this point, "you've made it through the tough stuff," King says. To cool down, end with vinyasa yoga flows, to gently slow your heart rate and breath. "Pause in areas that are calling for special attention, and static stretch with active breath for the remaining time," she says.

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