Fitness Tips: September 1, 2013

Fitness is a journey not a destination. Glad you are making us part of your trip.
Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Things You Didn't Know About Apples
We think it's pretty safe to say that apples are definitely the most famous fruit. You've had the juice, eaten the sauce, and warmed up with cider on a chilly day. Teachers love them, Snow White eats them, and heck, you might even be reading this on a computer named after them! Yep, when it comes to fruit fame, apples definitely take the cake (er- pie). But even in spite of all this apple exposure, we think there's a thing or two that might still surprise you.
The Work Out Wonder:
Apples help you make the most of your exercise because they contain a powerful little antioxidant called quercetin which helps bring more oxygen to your lungs.
An Apple a Day:
A medium apple has 4 soluble grams of fiber for just 95 calories making it a super satisfying snack without adding to your calorie count.
Eat The Skin!:
The skin of an apple is loaded with nutrients. It's rich in vitamins A and C; minerals like calcium, potassium, folate, iron, and phosphorus; and antioxidants. Translation? The skin is great for your own skin, plus vision, immune system, bones, and heart, to name a few.
Say Bye-Bye to Brown:
Before packing them up, rinse your apples in cold water and squeeze fresh lemon on the slices. The lemon will keep the apple slices fresher, longer.