Fitness Tips: July 21, 2014

Exercise is one of those rare things where the hype actually meets reality. ~ Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Protein Source
For a great source of protein, choose nonfat Greek yogurt. Made by straining off much of the liquid whey, this yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt and has up to twice as much protein (15 to 20 grams in 6 ounces), as much as 2 to 3 ounces of meat. And it's lower in carbohydrates and thus lactose, the milk sugar that some people have trouble digesting. One downside is that it tends to have less calcium (about 200 milligrams in 6 ounces) than regular yogurt (about 300 milligrams).

Greek yogurt can be used in the same ways as regular yogurt, including as a snack, in recipes, desserts, and smoothies.

Source: University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter