Fitness Tips: July 6, 2015

Exercise is a reward you give yourself. When you are ready to give your body a treat, we will be here to assist.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips: 4 Weird Tricks to Feel Fuller
Here are a few science-backed ways to feel satisfied without eating more:
  1. Heavier is better when it comes to dishes. Researchers served people yogurt in one of three different bowls, ranging from light to heavy. Although the yogurt and portions were the same, the study participants rated the heavy bowl's contents as more flavorful, delicious, and dense. They also felt more satisfied eating less of the yogurt, according to the study.
  2. Choose the right fork. People who ate with a small fork consumed 21 percent less food than those who ate with a large fork when dining at home, found a University of Utah study. According to the study's authors, the more bites you have to take, the more slowly you consume your food. Plus, other studies have shown that eating slowly increases feelings of fullness.
  3. Eat with your opposite hand. It's all too easy to overeat when you're busy chatting or watching TV. But using your opposite hand is awkward and cumbersome, and therefore keeps your mind on your plate, finds a study from the University of Southern California. People who ate with their opposite hand consumed less than those who ate with their dominant hand.
  4. Stick to small plates. A Cornell University team found that people ate 31 percent more ice cream when serving themselves in a large bowl versus a small bowl. Why? People tend to finish what's before them whether they feel full or not.