Fitness Tips: May 26, 2015

Stay active, eat nutritious food, and be appreciative of all your body does for you – treat it well.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: I'll Have What You're Having
Your dinner companions may influence your food choices at a restaurant, according to a new study. The study found that when a group of people go to a restaurant, they tend to select items from the same menu categories.

"My conclusion from the research is that people want to be different, but not that different," study author Brenna Ellison, a food economist at the University of Illinois, said in a university news release.

"The most interesting thing we found was that no matter how someone felt about the category originally – even if it was initially a source of unhappiness, such as the items in the salad category – this unhappiness was offset when others had ordered within the same category," Ellison said. "Given this finding, we thought it would almost be better to nudge people toward healthier friends than healthier foods."