Fitness Tips: May 11, 2016

Create healthy habits – not restrictions.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: 6 Ideas to Make Water Less Boring
Name any body part and you will find water is essential to keep it functioning properly. Make a conscious effort to keep yourself hydrated. Mild dehydration can trigger headaches, fatigue and poor concentration. The great news is that the water in fresh vegetables and fruit contributes toward hydrating your body.

Water may not be the most exciting drink in the world, but it's probably the healthiest. Drinking water regulates body temperature, flushes out toxins, aids digestion and balances blood sugar, to name a few of its benefits. And water is especially healthy when consumed instead of sugary drinks, whose health risks are increasingly well-documented.

Here's how to make meeting your daily water dose a treat:

Eat a Salad
Approximately 20% of our water intake comes from food, according to statistics from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Lots of foods contain varying amounts of water, but fruit and vegetables have the highest percentages. Iceberg lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, celery, red cabbage, radishes, broccoli, and tomatoes are all more than 90% water. Fruits like watermelon and strawberries are also jam-packed with the liquid.

Switch Up Your Lunchtime
Can't squeeze in another glass of water? Have it for lunch by eating soup. Water-based soups, broths and consommés are a great way to sneak in extra H2O. If you are buying canned soup, look for low-salt options and avoid cream; which adds extra fat and calories.

Sip Tea
Drinking herbal tea – which is essentially water infused with leaves and herbs – is a great way to increase your intake without feeling like you're guzzling more 'plain' water.

Get Creative with Ice
Make your water extra 'cool' by adding flavored ice cubes. Put fresh mint, cucumber or fruit into your ice tray to add an extra dimension to your water glass.

Water Down Juice
Give your regular glass of water an extra shot of flavor with a few drops of your favorite juice (the natural kind, with no added sugar). Cranberry, pomegranate, grape and apple work well for this trick. Let your taste buds have fun!

Add Fresh Fruit
Natural, fruit-infused water is a great treat. Make your own at home by smashing raspberries, strawberries, cucumber or watermelon right into a jug of cold, fresh water. Prefer a citrusy taste? Select fresh lemons, limes and oranges – they are all very refreshing!