Fitness Tips: April 13, 2015

You do your best to make good food choices and to exercise during the week; don't let your willpower go out the window on Friday or Saturday night. Use the weekend to focus more time on your health.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Weekend Splurging Done Right
Maintain your weight – and healthy eating habits – seven days a week with some smart strategies. Researchers tracking adults for a year found that they ate, on average, 200 calories more on Saturdays, the most dangerous day for weight management. Over time, those 200 extra calories add up to a few pounds gained over the course of a year.

While everyone deserves a day off, you need to be careful not to overdo it. So how do you splurge without destroying your healthy habits?
  • Eat like it's a weekday
  • Stick to your usual sleep schedule
  • Get outdoors
  • Fuel yourself for workday success
  • Limit your drinks (alcoholic)
  • Plan for relaxation
  • Break the on-again, off-again diet mentality
  • Weigh in Monday morning
  • Plan for the week ahead
  • Squeeze in a longer workout since you have more free time