Fitness Tips: February 16, 2015

While maintaining good health habits may not guarantee a longer life, they can certainly improve the quality of your life.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Why Having a Workout Partner Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Having a workout partner can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your fitness goals. Unless you're consistently a highly motivated self-starter, your chances of sticking to a long-term fitness plan without a partner are significantly lower than they are with a partner.

The Time Goes by Faster
When you're able to chat with a workout partner and catch up on each other's lives as you exercise, the time will fly by and become an occasion to which you can both look forward to each time.

You Won't Cancel a Workout
When you answer to no one but yourself, it can become a habit to cancel a workout after a long, busy day because you feel tired or because you feel that it's a waste of time.

You Can Coordinate Busy Schedules
If you have a workout partner, you can coordinate your schedules and share errands or chores.

You'll Be Bolstered by Outside Perspective
It's difficult to view yourself objectively. When it comes to your fitness progress, you may not notice how your strength and endurance is improving or that you've lost weight or gained muscle tone over time. Having that validation can help boost your self-esteem and keep your motivation levels high.

You Can Celebrate Your Successes
Celebrating your progress alone isn't as much fun as it is with a partner. You and your partner can set goals for yourselves and celebrate every few weeks after you've met those goals.